Nón hiphop BIG-THUG Simple black


FLIPPER Thug Simple FL428 Snapback Hat with a simple design, neutral colors, standard snapback cone shape suitable for both men and women.

THUG Simple snapback hat comes from the brand PREMIER - One of the fashion designs of BST THUGLIFE.

As one of the only two snapbacks in Collection, THUG Simple is not inferior to other ballcap hats. Typo Thuglige is impressively designed with the material mixed between 3 fabrics: Acrylic, Wool and Polyester - The combination of 3 features: Good absorbency, softness and super durable.
Vertical form hat, with 2 dark tones: BLACK and NAVY, this item will always match the criteria of dynamic, powerful outfits.

- Material: 60% ACRYLIC 15% WOOL 25% POLYESTER
- Color: Black
- Product parameters: 57 ~ 58 cm
- There is a rear increase to increase / decrease the size of the hat as you wish.


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