Nón Kết HB thatbae màu hồng


FLIPPER Hypebae Thatbae FL436 Ballcap Hat with soft Icy Velvet material, eye-catching pastel colors, standard form-style hat suitable for both men and women.

HYPEBAE Thatbae ballcap hat from PREMIER brand - One of the designs of HYPEBAE Collection - The unisex collection of dynamic, personality, interwoven Hypebae is cute, sweet.

This item is loved by PREMIER as "cotton candy" with a sweet combination between feminine pastel color groups, the same material "Icy Velvet" - A material known as the "bae" of fashion followers. Every winter comes - HB Thatbae ballcap becomes flashy, attractive, but still feels light, soft, completely in line with the Hypebae spirit of this collection.

- Material: 100% Polyester
- Color: Pink | Pastel
- Product parameters: 57 ~ 58 cm
- There is a rear increase to increase / decrease the cone size arbitrarily.


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