FL465 VW bored meshcap black

199.000₫ 370.000₫

The eye-catching FLIPPER Vaporwave Bored FL465 Mesh Hat with overlapping stitching creates a Glitch Effect, a standard form shape suitable for both men and women.

The VW bored meshcap hat is in the Vaporwave Collection - PREMIER's collection of artistic designs - With a message that describes the spiritual values ​​of human beings in the face of harsh realities of life, offering an experience. strange-but-familiar about the lifestyle of today's young people - when the "I" overcomes the limits to prove itself.

Meshcap is always a must-have-item of today's fashion followers, especially in Asian countries because this cone shape has met the criteria of cool, comfortable and completely suitable for the climate of these countries.
The fashion trends and painting styles of the 80s and 90s were learned, created by PREMIER and put into their designs in a unique and sophisticated way - Standing in front of "big life messes", the statue of Renaissance must also say "Bored", as a great "instead of words to say" way for today's young people to satirize life. This image is embroidered by PREMIER in the form of 3 strokes with 3 basic colors: red, yellow and blue overlapping, creating the technique The Glitch Effect, confusing, creating a sense of mystery and monstrosity for the design.
VW bored is available in 2 neutral colors: Black and White | Black - Fits any outfit regardless of man or woman.

- Material: 100% Cotton
- Color: Black
- Product parameters: 57 ~ 58 cm
- There is an increase in the back to increase / decrease the cone size arbitrarily.


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