[M] Nón ballcap THUG Organic Wine FL417


Ballcap FLIPPER Thug Organic FL417 hat with special material Organic Cotton is breathable, hygroscopic, comfortable to wear, standard form suitable for both men and women.

THUG Organic ballcap hat comes from the brand PREMIER - One of the fashion designs of BST THUGLIFE.

The design is not too unfamiliar but with a completely special material - Organic Cotton - a material known for its properties: breathable, hygroscopic and cooling / keeping warm. Along with that is the typo "THUGLIFE" embroidered in detail from prominent silver and burgundy red lines.
THUG Organic promises to become a fashion trend any time of the year.

- Material: 100% Cotton, Organic
- Color: burgundy red
- Product specifications: 57 ~ 58 cm
- There is a rear increase to increase / decrease the size of the hat arbitrarily.


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