[L] Nón xô G2 paisley bucket wh-bk F0006(L)




<The original brand from Korea>

Bucket hat G2 FLIPPER Paisly

- Material: 100% cotton

- Size: S (57cm), M (59cm), L (61cm)

- Color: Black, Black with white pattern, White with black pattern

- Made in Viet Nam


Paisley motif is a pattern that simulates stylized flowers and leaves with elaborate, detailed curves or shapes. This vignette originates from Persia and countries strongly influenced by Hinduism, such as India. This vignette is sometimes referred to as "Persian pickles" by Americans or "Le of Wales". 

In modern culture, Paisley motif shows the rebellious youth. Mixing two neutral colors together, bucket G2 FLIPPER Paisley represents the rebellion of youth, with spectacular breakthroughs of the youth. 




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